The Common Law of Obligations: Divergence and Unity

Edited by Andrew Robertson and Michael Tilbury

1.     Unity, Divergence and Convergence in the Common Law of Obligations  Andrew Robertson and Michael Tilbury

2.     The Influence of Comparative Law on the English Law of Obligations  Andrew Burrows

3.     Unity, then Divergence: The Privy Council, the Common Law of England and the Common Laws of Canada, Australia and New Zealand  Paul Finn

4.     A Conscious Effort to Develop a ‘Different’ Common Law of Obligations: A Possible Endeavour?  Goh Yihan

5.     A Common Law of Tort: Is there a European Rift in the Common Law Family?  Paula Giliker

6.     A Judicial Perspective on the Development of Common Law Doctrine in the light of Statute Law  Anthony Mason

7.     Public Actors and Private Obligations — a Judicial Perspective  Sian Elias

8.     The Tort Liability of Public Authorities: A Comparative Analysis  Peter Cane

9.     We’ll Meet Again: Convergence in the Private Law Treatment of Public Bodies  Niamh Connolly

10.  How to Have a Common Private Law: the Presuppositions of Legal Conversation  Allan Beever

11.  The Philosophies of the Common Law and their Implications: Common Law Divergences, Public Authority Liability, and the Future of a Common Law World  Dan Priel

12.  Obligations, governance and society: Bringing the state back in  TT Arvind

13.  Divergent Evolution in the Law of Torts: Jurisdictional Isolation, Jurisprudential Divergence and Explanatory Theories  James Goudkamp and John Murphy

14.  Common Law Values: The Role of Party Autonomy in Private Law  Sarah Worthington

Divergences in Private Law

Edited by Andrew Robertson and Michael Tilbury

1.     Why Diverge?  Andrew Robertson and Michael Tilbury

2.     Proximity: Divergence and Unity  Andrew Robertson

3.     Canada’s Common Law, Quebec’s Civil Law and the Threshold of Actionable Mental Harm following Tortious Conduct  Louise Bélanger-Hardy

4.     ‘Pure Economic Loss’ and Defective Buildings  Sarah Green and Paul S Davies

5.     Divergence and Convergence in the Tort of Public Nuisance  JW Neyers

6.     Defamation on the Internet  Robert Ribeiro

7.     Convergence and Divergence: the Law of Non-delegable Duties in Australia and the United Kingdom  Neil Foster

8.     The Scope of the Rule against Contractual Penalties: A New Divergence  Sirko Harder

9.     Rights Restricting Remedies  Robert Stevens

10.  The Methods and Madness of Unjust Enrichment  Zoë Sinel

11.  Recovery of Non-Gratuitously Conferred Benefit Under Section 70 of the Indian Contract Act 1872  Alvin W-L See

12.  Revisiting Canada’s Approach to Fiduciary Relationships  Erika Chamberlain

13.  The Presumptions of Resulting Trust and Advancement under Singapore Law: Localisation, Nationalism and Beyond  Man Yip

14.  Divergence in the Australian and English Law of Undue Influence: Vacillation or Variance?  Robyn Honey

15.  Whose Conscience? Unconscionability in the Common Law of Obligations  Graham Virgo

16.  Form and Substance in Equitable Remedies  Stephen A Smith