Obligations I

The Law of Obligations: Connections and Boundaries

Obligations II

Principle and Policy in Private Law

  • 15-16 July 2004
  • Venue: The University of Melbourne
  • Host: The University of Melbourne
  • Conveners: Andrew Robertson and Michael Bryan
  • Published Collection: M Bryan (ed), Private Law in Theory and Practice (Routledge-Cavendish, 2006) 
  • Programme

Obligations III

Justifying Remedies in Private Law

  • August 2006
  • Venue: The University of Queensland
  • Host: The University of Queensland
  • Conveners: Charles Rickett and Darryn Jensen
  • Published Collection: C Rickett (ed), Justifying Private Law Remedies (Hart Publishing, 2008)

Obligations IV

The Goals of Private Law

  • 23-25 July 2008
  • Venue: National University of Singapore
  • Hosts: National University of Singapore, The University of Melbourne, Singapore Academy of Law 
  • Conveners: Andrew Robertson and Tang Hang Wu
  • Published Collection: A Robertson and HW Tang (eds), The Goals of Private Law (Hart Publishing, 2009)
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Obligations V

Rights and Private Law

  • 14-16 July 2010
  • Venue: The University of Oxford
  • Hosts: The University of Oxford, The University of Melbourne 
  • Conveners: Donal Nolan and Andrew Robertson
  • Published Collection: D Nolan and A Robertson (eds), Rights and Private Law (Hart Publishing, 2011)
  • Programme
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Obligations VI

Challenging Orthodoxy

Obligations VII

The Common Law of Obligations: Divergence and Convergence

Obligations VIII

Revolutions in Private Law

  • 19-22 July 2016
  • Venue: The University of Cambridge
  • Hosts: The University of Cambridge, The University of Melbourne
  • Conveners: Sarah Worthington, Andrew Robertson, Graham Virgo
  • Published collection:
  • Programme


Obligations IX

Form and Substance in the Law of Obligations

  • 17-20 July 2018
  • Venue: Melbourne Law School
  • Hosts: The University of Melbourne, The University of Oxford
  • Conveners: Andrew Robertson, James Goudkamp (assisted by Georgia Davis)